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Meet Melissa Goldstein, CCC-SLP, COM

Melissa Goldstein, MS, CCC-SLP, TSSLD, LSVT-C, WDP, COM®, CBS is a New York State licensed Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Orofacial Myologist®, infant feeding therapist, and Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner. Melissa has over 13 years experience helping individuals and families overcome speech, reading, swallowing, and myofunctional disorders. She is a three-time recipient for ASHA’s Award of Continuing Education (ACE) and has been practicing in the field of speech-pathology since 2009. Melissa's private practice is dedicated to the treatment of infant feeding and swallowing disorders, myofunctional disorders, Tethered Oral Tissues, and articulation disorders. She serves infants, school-age children and adults in her Huntington office. 

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Serving Infants, School-Age Children & Adults

While Melissa is licensed and certified to treat communication and swallowing disorders across the lifespan, her private practice is devoted to the treatment of infants, school-age children and adults with oral muscular dysfunction, feeding and swallowing disorders, myofunctional disorders and muscle-based speech disorders.

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Why Work With Melissa?

Melissa is one of few SLPs who is a Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM®). She combines her knowledge as an infant feeding therapist, orofacial myologist, and her personal experiences and professional collaborations to provide specialized and individualized care.
Life-Long Learner
Melissa is a lifelong learner. She reflects daily and intentionally strives to improve her practices to benefit her client’s outcomes and rate of progress. Training is the tip of the iceberg for professional growth and development. Experience, willingness to think outside of the box, connecting past to the present, identifying patterns of behavior, chaining habits, compensations, and looking at the interconnectedness of the body’s systems (motor and sensory system, nervous system, cranial bones, gastrointestinal, respiratory, limbic systems, soft tissue, and hard tissue) is what makes Melissa stand-out. She understands everything is connected and that we need to look at the whole person.
Professional Experience
Professionals refer their clients to Melissa when they want answers. Oftentimes, parents find Melissa through word of mouth after multiple unsuccessful attempts to improve their baby’s feeding, swallowing, rest posture, or breathing challenges, after parents have received conflicting opinions about their child’s “ties,” or when traditional feeding therapy, lactation services, speech therapy or orthodontic treatment have not been able to resolve their oral function and swallowing issues.
Melissa studies her clients head to toe, and inside and out. The details matter. She encourages parents to message her progress updates prior to sessions. She treats the whole client, speaks regularly to other team members to update patient care plans, and treats parents as her team members.
Melissa connects with her clients and families on a personal and professional level. Early on in her career, Melissa found herself getting stuck when working with her articulation clients, despite using every tool in her toolbelt to promote generalization of new sounds and skills at the conversational level. She has also experienced firsthand, with her two children, many of the challenges that parents of infants face every day: Poor weight gain, weekly weigh-ins, long feeding times, triple-feeds, ties, laryngomalacia, reflux, food intolerances, low tone, oral weakness, and prematurity. Melissa previously lived with jaw discomfort, neck and shoulder tension, mouth breathing, sleep disturbances, ties, oral weakness, and clenching habits until she became an orofacial myologist.
Individualized Therapy
Melissa treats the whole patient and considers family dynamics, preferences, needs, and opinions.

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We pride ourselves in having a patient-centered, judgement free, home office that allows us to provide individualized evidence-based therapy to ensure our clients feel comfortable and meet their goals.