Whether you’re a new mother or a mother with breastfeeding experience, many experience stressful challenges associated with breastfeeding. Finding lactation support can ensure that you and your baby can have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.


Melissa treats infants and mothers that exhibit signs and symptoms often related to lactation challenges including:

- Poor milk supply
- Breast pain and sore nipples
- Trouble latching
- Finding a comfortable nursing position
- Refusal to feed
- Poor infant weight gain
- Falling asleep at the breast
- Problems pumping breast milk
- Engorgement


Melissa combines her expertise of swallowing and barriers to safe feeding with an understanding of the physiology and mechanics of lactation and breastfeeding to provide mothers location support services. We have partnered with Elizabeth Stapleton, IBCLC to bring amazing lactation support to our families. TSN and Lactation Care with Elizabeth use an integrated team approach and love serving families together to help them meet their infant feeding goals. Through the collaboration of an SLP and IBCLC, Melissa and Elizabeth are here to support mothers in achieving their breastfeeding goals, while keeping our patients safe and meeting reasonable expectations for PO intake.