"Melissa has given the utmost care and attention to my baby. We don’t know what we would have done without her. Her knowledge, dedication and passion for her job was evident from the first visit. She had calmed my nerves many times! The best in the field. The guidance on my journey with the second baby has been a huge relief for me. She has helped us navigate through 4 oral ties, reflux and laryngomalacia. Would recommend over and over again. Thank you Melissa!!"

"Miracle worker I’d say. I always leave her office with such peace knowing my kids are well taken care of. She’s so knowledgeable and yet humble. She listens to my concerns and addresses them."

"Melissa was a godsend for us! After struggling with feeding and losing weight and very slow weight gain, we were recommended to see Melissa by our breastfeeding doctor. In the first meeting we had a plan, a reason for poor feeds and the reassurance that we were going to figure things out and get my son to where he needed to be. In 6 weeks after having ties corrected and working with Melissa weekly my son gained steadily and rapidly and now 6 months later is a happy, chunky little boy who is eating solids and never needed to be supplemented after our sessions ended. We are eternally grateful to Melissa for her help and guidance and we would recommend any who is struggling with feeding to see her!"

"Amazing results! NY Speech Cares was recommended by my orthodontist. As a person in my 70’s, I had doubts about how effective treatment could be in my case.
I found Melissa Goldstein to be very knowledgeable and she quickly earned my trust and commitment. The program she designed for me included myofascial release, and strengthening exercises to promote proper tongue and jaw function.
Melissa was perceptive and thoughtful in her approach. She always listened and considered my feedback; she consulted as needed with my orthodontist; and she modified the treatment plan, in response to changes that occurred along the way.
Melissa expertly guided me through an amazing journey and together we achieved results beyond what I thought possible. The chronic jaw and neck tension I thought was normal for me is now much improved. This has had positive effects on my overall health and wellbeing. Thank you, Melissa Goldstein and NY Speech Cares."

"Melissa is absolutely amazing! She is an innovator in her industry and is not afraid to think outside the box. Goes above and beyond to help her patients and help us, as parents, see the light at the end of the tunnel. 100% recommend engaging her practice/services. Thank you Melissa."

"My lactation consultant referred me to Melissa for her services to help with my son's development of his mouth ultimately hoping to improve nursing. My son had to have a tie reduction done and Melissa helped us with the recovery; both with the post op stretches and her own stretches to help his mouth muscles loosen and re learn what he needed to do in order to effectively nurse. Not only was she wonderful at was she does, but as a mother herself she was absolutely kind and patient with both my son and myself. It was a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her services for anyone needing assistance after having a tie reduction done."

"Working with Melissa was such a pleasure and she helped my son and I tremendously!! Melissa is not only extremely knowledgeable about oral motor development and feeding issues but also is able to look at the whole picture and identify other areas of need to help you reach your goal and was sensitive to my needs/anxieties as a new parent as well! Melissa was extremely supportive in helping my son and I and helped jump start our breastfeeding journey, which I am so grateful for! If you have any feeding concerns/issues- work with Melissa!!!!! She’s the BEST!"

"We saw Melissa for a functional assessment to determine if we should have our son’s ties released. She walked us through the process, considered our goals and helped our family make the right decision for us. Melissa made appropriate referrals along the way and prepared us for the frenectomy and aftercare. She was flexible while working with our infant’s schedule and went above and beyond to stay in contact with other professionals to determine the best plan for our son. It was comforting to have her guidance and support before, during and after the release. We are thankful for all of Melissa’s help!"

"We saw Melissa for tie related issues after trying nearly everything else for our son. She really listens to your concerns, asks about your goals, and is so informative with creating a set path on how you can attain them. She also let me bring my older child to appointments and set up toys for her to keep her occupied during our sessions. We just reached our breastfeeding goal and we never would have gotten here without Melissa’s expertise! I highly recommend her!"

"Hands down the best decision I ever made for my daughter. Melissa worked with her from 7 months-14 months. My daughter went from not being able to open her mouth for solid foods, tongue thrusting, and not biting to eating like a champ. Melissa is genuine, caring, and compassionate but most of all, Melissa is BRILLIANT. She knows her craft inside and out and can expertly diagnose and implement an evolving treatment plan to help your child. Know that we searched up and down the east coast for someone with the credentials Melissa has and knowing she is here on LI is incredible. There is NO ONE else with her training and experience on LI and only a handful on the eastern seaboard. Myofunctional Therapy and feeding therapy is so very rare and specialized. Melissa is not only one in a million professionally, but such a joy to work with and as mom herself, Melissa understands how to work with families and young children. Highly recommend!!!"

"Highly recommend! Melissa is so sweet and genuinely caring. My daughter started seeing her at 3 weeks old for tie related issues. She is very knowledgeable and explained everything that was going on. Made my husband and I very comfortable. She asked our goals of treatment and worked with us until we reached them, and reassured me when I felt like we never would. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!"

"Melissa is friendly and professional. She is very knowledgeable and clear in her explanations. She gave us specific and manageable exercises to do at home to maximize the benefits of the therapy. I definitely recommend her!"

"Melissa's therapy contributed to changing my feelings towards nursing from dreading it to now actually appreciating it. After my little one's tongue tie release at about 4 weeks old, she offered actionable pointers that resulted in baby's significantly improved latch and today nursing is no longer painful. She is easy to work with, warm and mommas will feel comfortable with her. Definitely recommend her!"

"Melissa is a great feeding therapist. She helped my daughter who was struggling to drink breastmilk and then eat solids. Now my daughter eats and drinks like a champ. We worked on her cheek and tongue muscles and then on chewing. My daughter loves food now and it's wonderful to see. I highly recommend Melissa."

"Melissa has been so incredible to work with! When my little guy had his oral ties corrected at 7 weeks old, we started working with Melissa almost right away! She is incredibly flexible, so sweet, and knowledgeable! She is very professional and made me feel super comfortable right from the beginning!! My baby is now almost 19 weeks and thriving and Melissa is definitely a HUGE reason for that. Thank you SO MUCH! I highly recommend her!!!"

"I highly highly recommend Melissa Goldstein. She worked with me and my daughter to help with her latch after tongue tie release. Besides being super sweet, she is so good with babies, very smart, and very talented. Her expertise has made an enormous difference in my daughters latch. I can’t thank you enough Melissa!"

"Melissa is wonderful. She is incredibly personable, very reasonable and very knowledgeable — one of the few people who does what she does in terms of Myofunctional Therapy. When my daughter was resistant she made her laugh and always found a way to work around something she simply refused to do. She would find another way to get the job done and teach the lips and tongue to do what they were supposed to be doing. I highly recommend her to anyone."

"My son first saw Melissa when he was a little over a month old. He was born with tongue, check and lip ties and we were having trouble breastfeeding. His latch was weak and nursing was painful. My lactation consultant suggested my son have a frenotomy done to remove the ties and see Melissa to educate me about mouth stretches in order to build up the muscles he uses for nursing.

Working with Melissa was a huge relief. During the consultation she watched my son eat and was able to point out his weak points and quick stretches that I was able to do to my son at home. Not only did she help my son medically but she also helped me mentally. Having a baby of her own and having gone through the same issues I was going through made her very relatable and personable. She understood the hardships and the guilt that comes with the difficulty of breastfeeding.

After multiple visits and daily stretches, I was successfully able to breastfeed pain free without the nipple shield and I'm happy to say my son's weight was in the 70th percentile! I am still breastfeeding to this day and would not be here without all the support."